Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's Suntory Time

Those of you who have followed Notre Dame in the past few years remember National Letter of Intent Day as a heart-wrenching, stressful marathon where we desperately scramble to salvage classes. This year, however, is a welcome change of pace. As of 11AM central time, the ballgame is pretty much over, and we can go on with our lives. 27 Letters of Intent (not a particularly interesting read) were faxed over to ND's athletic department, and that's all she wrote. No surprises, no mystery signings, no hat games and no parachutes. Just 27 faxes and a consensus top ten class.

A breakdown of this year's recruits will come in serial form over this next week, but today, let's just relax. Light up a stogie, pour a highball of the best scotch in your house, throw on the Victory March and enjoy yourselves today. By all accounts, the recruiting hall for 2006 has met or exceeded all expectations. So let's just hang ten while the rest of the college football world gnashes their teeth over the last-minute hot-stove parachute league. It's been too long since February 1 was a good day to be Irish.