Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Night Lites - Golden Tornado, Fire Mark May, Mascots, and Man Fun!

The second episode is alive, hallelujah! I'm getting a bit swifter at the technological aspect, so I think you'll see a bit more candidness in the interviews. This week's esteemed guests are Nathan from Golden Tornado and the Irish Outsider from Fire Mark May. Still undecided on if you should listen? Well, here are some of the highlights:

  • We tap into Nathan's practically infinite knowledge of mascots. Find out who would win in a fight between a leprechaun and a bee.
  • I might or might not say something ambiguously gay, then try to backtrack out of it. Revel in my humiliation.
  • Snakes on a plane.
  • I say "prodcast". Yeah, I know it's not called a "prodcast", wiseass. But my only other option was to re-record the last ten minutes of the show. Viva prodcast!
  • The Zbikowski joke in the opening refers to the hulaballoo from last week where some muckraking journalists tried to pin NCAA violation accusations on Notre Dame for an innocuous series of promos for a sports talk show in South Bend. BGS and The Rock have the breakdown if you want to hear the full ridiculous story.

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