Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Night Lites is Live!

In anticipation of what should be an exciting and busy football season, the House Rock Built is taking the great leap forward and going high-tech. The payoff? A weekly podcast called Friday Night Lites (link goes to xml feed). The plan is to come out with a weekly show with interviews of college football bloggers. Hopefully, we'll be able to get some interchange of opinions, some informative analysis, and some chuckles.

Allright, so as the graphic shows, the name is a little double entendre (and triple-copyright violatoin to boot), basically insinuating that you can listen to it on Friday to get yourself amped up about Saturday's games, all the while enjoying some frosty Lite beers (and, just maybe, your host will be enjoying some too).

Show number one is in the books, and it's available in the little player at the bottom of this post. The XML feed link is here, for you competer-literate folk, and the iTunes address will be up shortly (they're currently reviewing it). In a few days, iTunes users can search for "Friday Night Lites" in the podcast directory and add it to your feed there, if you choose to do so (UPDATE: The link is here. I'll add it to the sidebar as well). In my inagural show, Jeff from Ramblin Racket was kind enough to drop by and chat about the Yellow Jackets, nightlife in Atlanta, and why in God's name he ranked his home team so high in the blogpoll. Cell phone troubles notwithstanding, he gave a great interview, despite my frequently-distracting bungling incompetence at the controls. Since I'm currently on the lower asymptote of the learning curve, I will be the first to admit that my ability to work the computer, give an intelligent interview, and talk for thirty seconds without a stream of "uhs" and "ums" is a bit ragged, but I think I can pull it together as the season progresses.

Anyway, enjoy the show, and hopefully this will turn into a successful project. Some quick housekeeping notes:

  • I'm always looking for more filler, so if you want to leave me a voice mail with a quick-hitting "take" (a la Jim Rome show), you can drop one in the HRB's voice mail at 312-239-0841 (the same number as the Andy French Cup). Except for Thursday nights when I'm taping, that line always goes to an online voice mail, so you don't have to worry about waking anyone up. If I like what I hear, I'll give your take some airplay in the transitions on the next show.
  • The Andy French Cup is still wide open. The best call I've gotten so far is one from Samuel L. Jackson who demanded I go see "Snakes on a Plane" (asked and answered, good sir). Obviously, this will get some life when the season actually starts, but make sure you have the number saved in your cell phone in case you get drunk and angry.

Podcast 1 - Ramblin' Racket, Brian Fights With Technology