Thursday, August 17, 2006

Two Tidbits Too Ridiculous to Ignore

  • No matter who wins out the quarterback battle at USC, Trojan fans will take the transition in style, thanks to Boi from Troy. Whether the role is taken over by the junior John David Booty...

    ...or by redshirt freshman Mark Sanchez...

    ...the marketing folks will be pleased either way. I'd buy one, but I can't really pull off the pink junior ringer t-shirt look.

  • Okay, so I'll admit that I got bored tonight and accidentally watched this show "America's Got Talent". Hosted by distinguished Notre Dame alumnus Regis Philbin, I got to see your typical ridiculous Star Search-ripoff schlock. You know, guy tap dances with his hands while standing on his head, guy plays guitar with weedwacker, etc. At the end of the show, some yahoo whose talent is catching marshmallows in his mouth tells Regis to toss one to him. His words of encouragement for big Reg?
    Tonight, it will be Quinn to Samardzija. At least I hope.
    Regis proceeds to put one into the rafters. The ghost of Johnny Lujak weeps silently.

    I would have given Regis 15 and a loss of down for Intentional Grounding.

  • UPDATE: Super bonus links! Willie Williams gets the boot from... a community college. Poor guy, guess he couldn't handle that space-age technology. Tyrone Willingham pretends he wrote RJYH. And... signs people's books without their permission? Good gravy.