Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stuffing the Passer - Here Comes The Hurt

So... that happened. Sigh. I know what you're all thinking, that I'm just going to freak out, but that just goes to show you have no clue how deeply jaded and cynical we've all become. With years of hard work, irishoutsider and I have found a way to find something grimly amusing about every sidelong blow that fate sees fit to deal us.

Of course, the same does not apply to our fuzzy athletes and coach. Needless to say, the suffering they have experienced in the aftermath of this hearbreaking loss has been indescribable... Indescribable, that is, until now, where we find the one and only proper way to describe it: with a novelty cake and a video montage:

And the Academy Award for best offscreen cockfight goes to...

Breaking the fourth wall for a moment, we're going all Hollywood with Stuffing the Passer this week. This week's show featured High-Definition footage, brand new editing software, a new, more robust embedding site, and a big time Hollywood Budget of $12.46 (which we fully expect to get reimbursed for, once we figure out who in the world we can mail our expense report to.) Oh, also lots of dwarves from Indonesia who may or may not be here legally and may or may not be receiving any compensation at all for their laborious and incredibly dangerous puppet wrangling work. Hope you enjoy it! A lot of good people died so you could.

NB: Hi-Def version is encoding now. Should be up by afternoon. Once it finishes, I'll swap it out.

Update: It's up. Although I can't tell much of a difference. Is there a better high-quality video embedding site?