Monday, October 05, 2009

Stuffing the Passer - Access Hollywood

Notre Dame played a pretty thrilling game last week against Washington, but if you happened to be watching it on television in the Chicago metro area, like your beloved narrator, you were treated to a network programming blunder of truly Heidi Bowl-esque proportions. You see, while the fans in the stadium were treated to a thrilling overtime drive by the Fighting Irish, NBC viewers got to see a cutaway to Access Hollywood that lasted right up until the Irish scored their overtime touchdown.

After burning my television, killing a drifter, and stuffing his body into an oil drum I proceeded to dump in the Des Plaines river, the anger had subsided enough in my bones for me to, with trembling hand, record those last fateful minutes of the game and post them on the internet. I dare you to try and watch this without being thrown into a murderous rage. It's just not possible.

Somebody throw a flag.