Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stuffing the Passer - The Coach Who Stares At Goats

Sitting in the gorgeous sunshine of a beautiful fall day in South Bend, irishoutsider and I were struck by how ruinous a gaggle of red zone turnovers can be to what would otherwise have been a downright lovely day spent outside. Naturally, the mind reels trying to rationalize a loss to the University of Navy in what was supposed to be a season where the Irish contended for a BCS bowl, but thankfully we found a safe haven of movie parodies to fall back onto to make sense of the events of this weekend.

Perhaps it's low-hanging fruit and only tangentially topical, but the mind just naturally clicks on this association when trying to make sense of Charlie Weis repeatedly running afoul of the mighty goats from the Naval Academy.

Location: Redacted