Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Stuffing the Passer - Modern Chemistry

It's always good to see the lads get a win, but it's hard to enjoy it when faced with the serious scandal of a football coach that actually raises his voice when talking to his team! Unthinkable! Just between you and me, when irishoutsider saw Kelly yelling at the lads, he fainted powdered wig-first into his Corgi's bowl of lightly chilled Perrier.

Fortunately, the monsignors at Notre Dame have decided to nip this little public relations tiff in the bud by placing muppet Brian Kelly on a strict regimen of happy pills. The bottle says "take two tabules whenceupon the onset of a severe fit-of-rage is felt forthcoming to calm the sanguinary humours of the blood. Repeat until anger has subsided or blood flows forth from the eyeballs". The expiration date says June of 1838.

Kids, if nothing else, this week's Stuffing the Passer is a cautionary tale about toying with modern chemistry. Shit can go sideways real fast, and there won't always be a half-blind quarterback and a wide receiver with slippery hands nearby to jam a shot of adrenaline in your aorta. Be safe out there.

UPDATE: Had to re-upload the video because soooomebody (i.e., me) forgot how to spell "". New version with appropriate-spelling yumminess.

My god... it's full of stars!