Friday, October 15, 2010

Stuffing the Passer - A Word from Our Sponsors

Let's face facts, folks, everybody's struggling to make ends meet these days. Even the University of Notre Dame, overstuffed mackerel-snapping extortionist robber-barons the lot of them are, have to turn to corporate America now and again for a little nip from the feedbag.

We don't begrudge them for shilling the latest creation by Adidas, the TechFit® jersey that clings suffocatingly close to the skin and wicks away sweat, but we also think it puts our beloved puppets in a sticky situation, as none of them seem to have the corporate spokesperson gene in their collective systems.

That's why it puzzles us that the marketing folks at Adidas decided to shoot their latest ad live. It seems to be inviting problems, not the least of which being the near-asphyxiation of their jersey model. Does anyone have a pair of scissors?

Oh I'm sweating, but it is not wicking, man!