Monday, November 28, 2011

Stuffing the Passer - The Istanbowl

After a rough first half against Stanford, our beloved Sockface was chloroformed, thrown into a burlap sack, and dispatched to Istanbul. We suspect he'll come back and make more episodes in like six or seven days.

Next thing I knew, the chloroform hit.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Stuffing the Passer - The Age of Persuasion

There were some promising developments over at the advertising firm of Snappy, Snazzy & Snazztacular, LLC, the up-and-coming group of madvertising men in South Bend featuring muppet Dayne Crist and Sockface (who had no discernible football-related duties this week).

Landing a gig is tough in this economy, so when Johnny J came by in a desperate crunch to get his horrible and disgusting plain gold helmet revamped for this week's matchup, the boys leapt at the opportunity to land a top-level client. Will the boys come up with a game-changing ad campaign, or will they blow their advance on absinthe and come up with some horrible helmet design? Only time will tell. But, come on, what do you think?

I'm gonna say jumbo shrimp.