Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stuffing the Passer - Two Headed Boy

This is usually where I do some brusque free-associating and lead the delightful readers of the House Rock Built on a strange and unsettling trip through my hyperassociative subconscious until I feel they have been sufficiently punished to deserve a few minutes of puppet videos that irishoutsider and I invest an unhealthy amount of time into.

Things kind of flew off the rails this week, though. Here I sit in front of my keyboard trying to get the ol' creativity machine pumping, but my weak and fragile mind simply cannot overcome infinite distraction of YouTube covers of Neutral Milk Hotel's seminal indie rock classic "Two Headed Boy". Now I have a number of opinions about music that, through hard work and prayer, I have been able to vigorously suppress in hopes that I will not become the most insufferable jackhole to walk the face of the planet. You're welcome, America. But allow me to drop my guard for one instant and say that if it were not for the unavoidable necessities of bathing, defecating, consuming food and water, socializing with my wife, and earning money, I guarantee you I would spend my entire waking life watching YouTube covers of "Two Headed Boy". It's such an important and, well, vocally taxing song that every amateur cover opens up an infinite expanse of possibilities. Some are shockingly decent, some weave drunkenly on the borderline of brilliance and horror, some are 8 bit videogame masterpieces, and many are just obscene and fascinating shipwrecks -- but none of them are boring.

Sadly, there just aren't enough lifetimes to do that, so I'll just leave you with puppets now while I tackle page 385, which features an overweight man in a dress playing a ukulele with a broken string while a Jack Russel terrier yowls in the background (Verdict: a little pitchy in the chorus, but still a surprisingly capable cover.)

Yeah, uh, literally (I had the hiccups).