Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Polls Are Now Open!

Now that the clock has struck midnight, the polls are officially open for the StP Election! The campaigning has been fierce, the endorsements have been earth-shaking, and representatives from election monitoring NGOs have been duly bludgeoned and buried (Ha! Just kidding!)

So, to reiterate once again: log onto the Twitters and tweet your vote to @stuffingthepass. Your three nominees are #voteEverett, #voteTommy, and #voteSockface, although write-ins are certainly welcome too. Remember, all voters get a special sticker so they can let the world know they voted - we'll tweet you the link upon receipt of a complete ballot.

If you have the spare time, please do swing by our exit polling station and answer a few quick questions. Your information will not be used for any purposes other than entertainment (and selling to the United Nations so they can put mind control nanobots in your children's vaccines so you can't homeschool them). Afterwards, maybe go out and vote in the other election please? Much obliged.

We are looking forward to an orderly election which will eliminate the need for a violent bloodbath.