Friday, August 25, 2006

The Depth Chart is Here!

The opening day depth chart has just been made public. Pretty interesting stuff. Freshman phenom Sam Young is your starting Right Tackle, Gioa is kicking field goals, Renkes is doing kickoffs. Mitchell Thomas won out the CLJLB spot. Ronald Talley starting at DE. A proper amount of obsessive-compulsiveness will be posted tomorrow. Must sleep now.


At 3:12 PM, Anonymous everloyal said...

1. Can someone enlighten as to why the guys who catch passes are called "Z" and "X" instead of wide receiver and split end? Is this an ND thing or a Weis thing? Were PCC (Pass Catchin' Cracker) and SBG (Speedy Black Guy) considered in the same category as CLJLB?

2. how does one pronounce the FG kicker's name?

At 4:57 PM, Anonymous David said...

Notre Dame's not gonna call the Sam the CLJLB. Their plan is to consolidate their racism to rip on Irish people only.
Fightin' Irish --> Drunken Fightin' Irish
Mike (MLB) --> Mick
The leprechaun mascot will heretoforth be played by either a midget or Conan O'Brien
And the "Play Like a Champion Today" sign will be replaced by "Irish Need Not Apply"

There's enough Indian racism around sports that they don't need to have an "Apache," but like you, I wish they'd reach out and show some support for anti-Semitism. There aren't any D1 Jewish schools, so naming a position CLJLB would show Jews the world of college football that they're not forgotten. And CLJLB must be manned by either an Accounting or Pre-Entertainment-Law major.


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