Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pleased to Meet You, Hope You Guess My Name

The House Rock Built has a few friends we'd like to introduce you to. That's right, our faithful contributors Dink & Dunk have made the great leap to the celluloid screen, spinning off into comic strip form. Once a week, you'll be treated to a dazzling audiovisual multimedia presentation chronicling their latest misadventures in college football fandom. Their debut strip is here

(click thumbnail for comic)

In an effort to eliminate any need for clunky exposition, here's a quick bio for your two main characters, so as you may get properly acquainted:

Wink Dinkins

  • Alumni Status: Notre Dame, Class of '04, Keenan Hall
  • Fan Since: Birth, possibly even prenatally.
  • Jersey Is a Tribute To: Technically, it's a Matt LoVecchio jersey, going by the date it was purchased. Let's all agree to believe it's a Brady Quinn jersey.
  • Drink of Choice: Gin & Tonic.

Buck Dunkowitz

  • Alumni Status: University of Southern California, Class of '03.
  • Fan Since: Just recently found out that USC has a team.
  • Jersey Is a Tribute To: Reggie Bush, I guess. Too bad he's a huge sellout.
  • Drink of Choice: White Russian.

Put them together in a room, add alcohol, college football, and the occasional dead hooker, and you've got solid comedic gold. So watch for Dink & Dunk every Monday, or you can check the blog directly or subscribe to the XML feed.