Tuesday, April 04, 2006

One Shining Moment

I really like that "One Shining Moment" song. Right, so I know this is a college football blog, but it certainly won't kill anyone to take a quick sidestep into the NCAA hoops tournament. See, every year I watch the entire championship game, and then sit through the excruciating post-game interviews and dozens of commercial breaks just so I can see that three minute snippet of highlights and get my yearly fix for that song.

I don't want to sound dogmatic or old-fashioned, but there is a very narrow set of circumstances in which it is permissable for a dude to cry. More specifically, a dude is allowed to cry twice in his life:

  • Once during one sequence of "One Shining Moment"
  • Once in the week following an emergency Orchiectomy.
I will admit, last night's OSM was a little bit disappointing when compared to previous efforts, so hopefully nobody out there wasted one of their two cries on it. If you did, we hope you enjoyed it. You're going to have to wait until your infected gonad swells to the size of a grapefruit to do it again.