Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Time to Do Some Ballot-Box Stuffing

Right, so I was, uh, picking up a copy of Out magazine for, um, a friend, yeah, and it came to my attention that they're having a poll for the world's hottest athlete. Yet another feather in the cap for the Irish is the amazing representation the team has, fielding fully one third of the candidates - Tom Zbikowski, Brady Quinn, and Jeff Samardzija. It's amazing that after a decade of underperforming and being unjustly criticized by the vicious gay media, Charlie Weis has turned Notre Dame into "Gay Cult Icon U" in just one year. Even the notorious Boi From Troy has been converted to the Irish bandwagon.

Anyway, get out there and support the lads. I would vote, but I've got to go... lift weights and drink beer. Domestic beer. In a can.

Me? I'm all man. Why else would I be wearing this codpiece?