Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Round Two of Dugout Screennames

Ah, the complicated inner life of a blogger. See, sometimes it's hard to tell if your post is going to hit the mark or sail way, way wide to the humiliating sound of crickets. My Dugout post was one that kept me worried for a while, but there has been enough positive feedback that I feel that the entire endeavor has been a success, rather than a brutal failure that alienated my readers. As such, the great experiment continues! with round two of the 07 Irish's screen names. Many of these were suggested by the readers in the past comments, so I've used footnotes to give credit where it's due. It's a big roster, so you can probably expect three or four more of these over this long, brutal offseason (the coaching staff will be quite interesting, and I'm quite looking forward to it).

As a sidenote, will the commentator "Hulk" please shoot me an e-mail at houserockbuilt@gmail.com? Your contributions were, to put it lightly, completely inspired (particularly your Junior Jabbie screen name), and to reward your creativity I'm going to send you a free copy of The University of Notre Dame: Fighting Irish Collector's DVD Set as a humble thanks for your tireless efforts.

And off we go to round two:

Chris Stewart

Travis Thomas

Maurice Crum Jr.

Raeshon McNeil

Junior Jabbie

Darrin Walls

Ray Herring

Leo Ferrine

Ambrose Wooden

Bartley Webb

Emeka Nwankwo

Aaron Nagel

Credit where credit is due: Irish Oustider (Chris Stewart), Hulk (Raeson McNeil, Junior Jabbie, Darrin Walls, Bartley Webb), Jay from BGS (Emeka Nwankwo), Anonymous Poster (Aaron Nagel).