Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Knowshon Moreno Has Been Upstaged, Again

It's a tough year for Heisman hopeful Knowshon Moreno. We at The House Rock Built can sympathize with his beleaguered Heisman campaign as he struggles against all odds to break through the crippling anonymity that comes with playing in the oft-overlooked SEC.

Picture the scene: you've just made an outstanding, career-making play by hurdling over a sprawled defender, electrifying the crowd and catapulting yourself into the hearts of football fans and Heisman voters everywhere. You take off your athletic tape and pads and plop down on your sofa, eager to watch the talking heads on ESPN fawn over you for hours on end, and see: absolutely nothing. Devastation.

But you persevere, and gradually a grassroots movement develops on the internet to make a big deal about your spectacular achievement. Things are going pretty well... that is, until disaster strikes. You see, now that we've been able to re-watch the play, it turns out Moreno's accomplishment wasn't even the most impressive thing that happened on that play. If you watch in super-slow motion, you can see Michigan running back Sam McGuffie catapulting over both Moreno and the CMU tackler.

A legend falls from grace.

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