Monday, November 30, 2009

Stuffing the Passer - Everyone's Free (To Score Touchdowns)

Well, folks, there you have it. Five years into the Charlie Weis experiment, athletic director Jack Swarbrick pulled the plug on the strangely bipolar but largely ignominious experiment. Feelings are mixed at the House Rock Built critter lab. We were all really rooting for Charlie to pull it together and bring us back to the glory days of perpetually dancing shirtless in a meadow for no damn reason at all, but reality can be a merciless wench that snaps as back to attention about the fragile state of Notre Dame football.

Le sigh. We'll miss that little fuzzy goofball. He gave us some good times, some heartburn, and probably kicked irishoutsider up to the top of the liver transplat list, but it's always been interesting. His tireless recruiting and unending advocacy for the return of Notre Dame football to national prominence was sorely needed, and hopefully some top-flight coach can succeed and make sure that Charlie's blood, sweat and tears weren't shed in vain.

On a more House Rock Built-esque note, we noticed that ESPN cut away from the press conference before we got to hear from the man of the hour himself. We think that's unfair, and so we tracked down the footage of Charlie Weis giving his valedictory speech to the Fired Coaches Class of 2009. Because everyone's free (to score touchdowns).

We're all free to score touchdowns. Do what we want, live the way we want. And score touchdowns.

UPDATE: Had to fix a few gremlins in the soundtrack to the video. The new version sounds much better.