Monday, December 21, 2009

Stuffing the Passer - O Touchdown Tree

As we conclude our broadcast year of 2009, we'd like to step back for a second and remind you of the reason for the season. We proudly present to you the Stuffing the Passer Players' Christmas Special (joined already in progress) and it's thrilling conclusion where muppet Golden Tate gives a stirring speech reminding us that the true meaning of Christmas is not trees, or presents, or YouTube videos, but touchdowns. Sweet, wonderful touchdowns.

God bless us, all of us.

On a related note, irishoutsider and I are happy and relieved to wrap up our production schedule for 2009, and are nothing but amazed by the positive feedback we've received from this project. We're going to take a few weeks off to rest and celebrate the Winter-Solstice-Gift-Exchange and Arbitrary-Gregorian-Calendar-Renumeration season, then get to work on a special offseason project that we'll share more details on later. Basically, we want to extend our appreciation to those of you who have indulged our weird fantasy and humiliated themselves by yelling "BACKUP pirate hat!" in socially unacceptable situations. Hopefully by the end(ish) of January, we'll have a little somethin' somethin' that we think you'll enjoy. Happy holidays everyone!

And lo, they were afraid, because he was made of many, many touchdowns!