Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Brief Break From Puppetry For An Observation

Puppet madness is slated for shooting on Thursday night, with a Friday AM premiere god and rendering times willing. In the meantime, though, I'd like to present the House Rock Built's official postgame observations from that USC-ND game from Saturday, which we all agreed after waking up drunk and chained to a fire hydrant in Kingston, Jamaica on Sunday morning to be a rather uplifting experience. The main point of scholarly analysis we'd like to put forward was from the halftime interview that Shelly Smith conducted with Brian Kelly. Now, hang with me on this one, but...

Begin with this shot of Brian Kelly being interviewed by the lovely and talented Shelly Smith.
Select Shelly's hair.
Copy, paste, then Image:Rotate:Flip Layer Horizontal.
Hang with me now...
Use the Clone Tool to add rogue, eyeshadow, and clotted chunks of mascara.
Adjust the height...
...and stretch horizontally 18%.
Flip Horizontally, then rotate upward.

The result?

Now, look, we're not saying Shelly Smith is just Brian Kelly in drag, but the resemblance is striking. The resemblance is stunning and striking. Answer me this, internets: have you ever seen the two of them together? It is my hypothesis tha- oh, wait, yes... I've definitely seen them together. Never mind. Carry on, then.