Thursday, November 04, 2010

Stuffing the Passer - Rear Window

Poor Dayne Crist. After battling back from a knee injury to claim the starring role in Stuffing the Passer, another devastating setback came when he shredded his patellar tendon in the first half of last week's game. Life is an agonizing test, and this week has been yet another set of slings and arrows in the heart of Notre Dame land. But, onward and forward we must move.

The good news is that Dayne's surgery went very well, so now the long road to recovery has started. For the time being, though, he's stuck at home in his big cast with nothing to do but stare out the window with his binoculars and spy on his neighbors. Fortunatley, muppet Dayne lives in a pretty exciting neighborhood, so spying on his neighbors turned out to be more entertaining than any football game he's ever played in. Always look on the bright side of life.

Enjoy this week's flick, gang. Watch for the cliffhanger at the end. Will we get a thrilling conclusion to this story next week? Or will we just not care about continuity and just go on like nothing happened? Only one way to find out!

Put a towel on, you freak!