Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ten to the Sixth Power

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled muppet insanity for a quick housekeeping note. While the House generally shuns mystical numerology, gematria, and various other forms of mathematical divination, we let our guard down briefly to feel a bit of a stir in the cockles of our heart-region watching the odometer on the website roll over ten to the sixth power. Sure, 1,000,000 is a purely arbitrary number only given special meaning by humankind's base-ten counting system which was undoubtedly derived from the random evolutionary foible that led to the churning out of creatures with five digits on their two upper appendages, but we're damn proud of it nonetheless.

The House Rock Built started up a little over five years ago, in the heady and halcyon days of the Great Misguided Optimism. Not at all unlike the football program it obliquely covers, the House has gone through a series of personal re-inventions, massive adjustments in attitude and scope, and the occasional months-long period where it just gives up altogether (the football team tends to do this every November, whereas the House at least waits until the summer to throw in the towel, much to our credit). Anyway, thanks. It means a lot to be able to connect with other football fans out there, and hopefully out of a million visits, perhaps I've made one person's day slightly less miserable. I'll take those odds.