Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spinning Otter Redux

Oh, hi there.

The House Rock Built apologizes for its prolonged absence. The office shut down for our beloved irishoutsider's wedding, and puppet videos have been suspended while he has been in debtor's prison for the unfathomable tab that Sockface and I rang up at the open bar at the reception.

I think we all learned two important lessons here: One, weddings, while expensive, are a worthy investment in memories that will last a lifetime. And, two, if you ever get invited to an event with an open bar, you should absolutely bring one of those giant human hamster balls from American Gladiators and demand they fill it to the brim with Crown Royal, because I recently found out this actually works.

Anyway, human being responsibility season seems to be fading away, so we should be back to our regular programming schedule post-bye week. We appreciate both your patronage and your patience.