Sunday, August 04, 2013

Stuffing The Passer - Ignition Notification

I'm sorry we keep doing this dance every year. You know that dance where the football season ends and then the House Rock Built goes dead silent for seven months, shrinking away into nothingness on your RSS feed, a wraith of a wraith, howling its tuneless silence through the echoey chasms of the nethernet. Perhaps they died. Or got arrested. Or got elected to the United States Senate and had to disassociate themselves with the noxious rantings they wrote on this site.

Well, we're back. Perhaps you weren't quite as scared this time around because you heroes did pony up 970 GLORIOUS DOLLARS to persuade us to keep up the craft. Then again, that wasn't like a legally binding contract or nothin' -- we could have taken that money and blown it on opium and enormous uninformed wagers at unlicensed greyhound tracks in Thailand. And, okay, actually we did. But good news, we hit a glorious superfecta in the 9th race and turned your $970 into a cool 20 grand. We dutifully socked away your original 970 and blew the winnings on absinthe, face tattoos, and ten greyhound puppies that now that I'm thinking about it we totally forgot about and left at our gate at Suvarnabhumi Airport. I'm sure they're doing fine there.

That said, we've been busy beavers this summer rebuilding our entire puppet laboratory. We now have six COUNT THEM SIX new puppet friends, an elaborate green screen setup, a fancy condenser microphone, and some high-end video editing and 3D software. We even have $18 left over for our, um, legal defense fund. We're going to be riding the very bleeding edge of "permissible use" this season, ladies and gents. Buckle the hell up.

Right now, we're working on the "feature length" season premiere, which will be double or maybe triple the length of your typical Stuffing the Passer video. Don't worry, that's not going to be a permanent thing this year, we just thought we'd give you something special to kick off the season with. Principle photography has wrapped on that, and we're in the vigorous editing process. God willing, that will be released the week before the opening game.

And without further ado, the teaser trailer for season five. Enjoy.

Because of Obaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaa!

UPDATE: Looks like the original upload was not the HD version. My bad, I exported it wrong. I updated it to the higher-res version #learningcurve