Friday, October 31, 2014

Stuffing the Passer - Justice Never Forgets

So.... we're back. Kind of. Pretty much.

Okay, there's some slight modifications to the format this year. Largely out of necessity, we've moved from a video format to a graphic novel/comic book/whatever/cinegraph format. Also because it seems cool. So... housekeeping... you're probably not going to want to read this on your tablet/mobile device, which has annoying restrictions on auto-loading and auto-playing looping videos. You can still see it, but it will be lifeless and non-animated.

Now, I'm off to interview for the Michigan AD job. I'm bringing pizza.

Update: Hmmm. Blogger seems to suck. I'm not going to embed the whole story, you'll have to click through to read it here. Also, make sure you give it enough time to load up the motion content. Experimental technology. Work in progress here, people.

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