Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Great Moments in Vandals History

Everyone's favorite prison-warden-acting-as-football coach Dennis Erickson has pulled a Rodney Dangerfield and decided to go Back to School, giving up the sweet life of contract-buyout-induced retirement and strapping on a whistle at his old stomping grounds in Moscow, signing up to coach for the Vandals of the University of Idaho. Undoubtedly, the landing of a high-profile coach on the frozen tundra of central eastern northwestish Idaho has sparked joy for Vandals lovers worldwide. Indeed, February 8, 2006 will long be remembered as a watershed day for Vandals, which is impressive considering how many great days there have been in their storied past. Here's a quick recap of Great Moments in Vandals History

  • 455 BC: Under the savage rule of King Genseric the Lame, the Vandals seize upon and sack Rome.
  • 415 BC: Socrates and some friends get completely rocked on Ouzo and stagger around the Athenian streets, hurling profanities at sniveling lady-boy eunuchs and systematically clubbing the penises off of every piece of statuary in the city.

    Original Gangsta.

  • June 2, 1799: Jean-Luc Veljean, a low-ranking grunt in Napoleon's army, gets a little carried away while playing a game of "Baguette Cannon Skeet Shoot" and clips off the schnozz of a priceless monument, the Great Sphinx of Giza.

    Mais, non, mon ami. Zut alors!

  • May 5, 1994: Michael Peter Fay... uh, well you know the story. Too soon to joke about?

  • February 20, 1997: Tragedy strikes the Arthur Burkhardt expressway at mile 114, when four lanes instantaneously and without warning shrink into two lanes, causing a miles-long backup and snarling traffic for days. Police are still seeking this man for questioning:

    Cosmo, you silly bastard.


At 11:12 AM, Blogger Sean H. said...

How anyone continues to give Erickson a job is beyond me. He won at Miami with JJ's players and cheated to keep it that way. He was horrible in Seattle - ask Rick Mirer. He opened up the JUCO pipeline at Oregon St.(Did they end up on probation?) He finally finished the destruction of the 49ers(Argh!) with the help of the much overrated Terry Donahue.

Has he ever built anything that lasts?

I understand the Idaho isn't exactly a highly sought after coaching gig but they could have found a Boise St. assistant who could do better.

That said, I am sure Ty is sweating bullets. Where will he get his guaranteed W from now?

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