Saturday, January 21, 2006

Like You Did Anything More Interesting Today...

So after doing my daily Google search for "Hot Panda Love", I came across this charming little picture that I feel is probably somehow related to college football. These chunky balls of fluff are tearing down the stereotype that pandas are incapable of mating in captivity one wild swinging night at a time.

On a related note, it's very disappointing that there aren't any college football teams with the Panda as their mascot. The only college I could find was the University of Alberta, who use the Panda moniker for their women's athletic teams. I mean, look at those things. They're handsome animals and presumably they're pretty strong and have claws of some sort. I think a solid artist could come up with a mean as hell Panda logo, and needless to say the two-tone black-and-white spotted uniforms would be an intimidating sight for any opposing team.

Brady Quinn models the Fightin Panda uniform.