Friday, January 13, 2006

Link Dump

Well, I'm sure you've all seen this already, but it's still pretty humorous. Apparently, football knowledge is not a prerequisite to become a SC Song Girl. I'm pretty sure it's on page one of "Football for Dummies" that when the other team scores a touchdown, it is a bad thing.

I dunno, I'm just not really feeling the Song Girls anymore after seeing their chaps-clad counterparts in the Rose Bowl. I mean they're nice and all, but I just don't see this going anywhere. It's not them, really, it's me.

The folks at the Sooner fark board have taken the proverbial ball and run with it, as you can see here. Most of them make me feel dirty when I laugh at them.

Also, if you haven't already, check out Hunter the Punter, where Notre Dame legend Hunter Smith croons about having such a useless job (punter for the Indianapolis Colts) and being the most accurate holder of all time.

Hunter doing what he does best

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