Friday, November 03, 2006

Dink & Dunk: Game of the Century (Stifle Your Laughter) Edition

Wink Dinkins and Buck Dunkowitz couldn't do their normal Wednesday featurette because they were in prison. But thanks to the House's chief consiglieri and illegal searches being inadmissible, they're back in action. This week they take on last night's West Virginia-Louisville game.

  • What's going on? There's no football game on ESPN tonight, it's just the "Eleven Man Hundred-Yard Dash Presented by Papa John's ®". Seriously, is tackling illegal in the Big East?

    Speaking of Papa John's, do you think Urban Meyer has season tickets to Louisville games? After all, his identical twin brother owns the naming rights to the stadium:

  • God gave us eyes because he loves us and wants us to be able to see Erin Andrews. He is a good God.

    Testify, my brother.

  • Am I on drugs or did they just promo the Boston College - Wake Forest game as "a crucial game in determining the ACC championship"? On a night where a Thursday night Big East game is a pivotal game in the BCS title picture? I need to sit down and take a Valium, the room is spinning.
    I'm beginning to really appreciate the irony that since Miami, V Tech, and BC went to the ACC, the Big East has turned into an automatic BCS Championship berth and the ACC is struggling to place a team in the top 20. It's delicious.

  • Down 17 points with 6 minutes left? No need to panic, Mountaineers fans. Kevin Pitsnoggle is going to get unchained and win the game at the buzzer. I've seen this one too many times.

    Clearly, this isn't a Big East basketball game. One team almost has fifty points!

  • Thank you, Mark May, for chipping in your brilliant analysis: "Louisville impressed tonight both on offense and defense". What, might I ask, would you consider to be unimpressive if you're impressed by giving up 575 yards and 34 points?

    It may not sound impressive, but think of it this way. Louisville's D held one of the best offenses in the country to only 121 yards over their season average. That's just a little over 1.2 football fields more offense then they put up against the likes of Eastern Washington, Marshall, and Syracuse. Kudos!

    France, 1940. Another phenomenal defensive effort.

And... it's over. An epic matchup of two teams who will both be ranked higher than Notre Dame come next week. Thanks for chiming in, fellas.

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