Wednesday, November 08, 2006

God Has Done Great!

After a long cold streak (almost, but not quite, as long as my own unenviable cold streak. But that's another story for another day.... sigh.), the Irish have finally picked up their tenth verbal commitment, a big mean offensive lineman by the name of Emeka Nwankwo. The Floridian Nigerian escaped from the Deep South despite being heavily recruited by Auburn, Florida State, Georgia, and the clutches of Urban Meyer, who a few days ago looked to be the clear leader for Nwankwo's talents.

Suffice to say, every single body we can get on the offensive line is helpful, as it is going to be our most crucial depth position in the aftermath of the Willingham era. We extend a hearty welcome to Emeka, and while he won't have to worry about getting mauled by bloodthirsty alligators in the swampy marshlands of southern Florida, he will definitely want to keep his head on a swivel for mutant killer South Bend squirrels.

"Emeka" is a diminutive version of the Nigerian name Chukweumeka, which means "God has done great". Additionally, it is a name held by great athletes like Emeka Okafur and... well, that's about it. Still, pretty good company.

There's also ultra-secret rumblings about another prospect who might be committing to Notre Dame tomorrow, but we'll have to wait and see on that front.

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