Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stuffing the Passer - E Unibus Pluram

Sometime in the 80's, some TV show did something somewhat meta, breaking down the "fourth wall" and winking at the whole culture-wide mass delusion we've accepted about our entertainment living in its own separate world, divided from us by a transparent yet entirely impregnable1 barrier. Those were such innocent times that David Foster Wallace's head exploded when he saw such brazen defiance of our most treasured national myth, leading him to rip off a small novella encapsulating the true meaning of art, the gaze, the other, life, the universe, and everything within like ten minutes (probably).

It's funny because today we're so deeply steeped in this concept that it almost doesn't make sense that there was any point in time where this was something novel, noteworthy, and fosterwallace-able. Meta is just like the air around us -- these days I don't even get out of bed except as an aprés-garde post-post-neopostmodern satire on the concept of mocking the idea of bed-exiting. And that's on a good day.

Anyway, enjoy the video. It features an uncommon2 appearance by the Wildcat, and a friendly reminder to your filmmakers why his appearances are so rare -- he is a dreadful actor3. Animals I guess are immune to the paralyzing notion of being on the wrong side of the voyeuristic gaze of the camera, which is dreadful when you need them to actually perform a certain task on screen rather than some meandering cinema verité reflection on the life of a cat when nobody is watching.

I have offers to be Hamlet and Richard III - in the same production!

1. Hey what in the hell is wrong with the world "impregnable"? Shouldn't it mean the exact opposite of what it actually means... i.e., impregnate-able? But, no... if something is "impregnate-able", you would say it is "pregnable", which opens up another can of worms, because then wouldn't that mean that the opposite of "impregnate" should be "pregnate" (e.g., "Even after months of expensive fertility treatments, I've sadly been able to do nothing more than pregnate my wife.")

2. Wouldn't go so far as to call it rare.

3. Very dreadful. Like almost as bad as Chris Kleina.
    a. Almost.