Thursday, October 31, 2013

Stuffing the Passer - Sea Shanty (Remix)

So way back in 2009, we decided to help fire up the lads for a big game against the Naval Academy with a rousing sea shanty.

The main goal of the project, besides playing with a cardboard sea serpent, was to remind the gang that with just enough willpower, we could will the horrifying 2007 loss to Navy out of existence and pretend that the 44-game winning streak was still alive.

All things being equal, I think we did a rather good job of driving home that point, and everything was pretty much fine and dandy ever since. Let's take a second to re-watch that wonderful hit from 2009. Such innocent times.

Well, then reality hit like a ton of bricks, and the Irish dropped two straight to Navy, each more inexplicable than the last. Some think that the insane hubris of the Sea Shanty was responsible for the barrage of red zone turnovers and defenses forgetting how to tackle, and they're probably right.

At any rate, we thought we'd revisit that wonderful song, and break you off a little preview of the remix, which our cool and awesome DJ friend from London who I assure you is totally real mashed up with our original tracks and some sticky phat beats (I am assured that's what the kids are saying these days). Enjoy.