Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Word of the Day is Gynecomastia

Over at USC's site on Rivals, we were treated to a sneak peek at spring workouts with a few candid shots of the team warming up. The most shocking of these snapshots was this freaky-deeky picture of blue-chip linebacker Brian Cushing, who seems to have let the old body go a little bit while recovering from a shoulder injury. While it's not terribly surprising when somebody slips a little bit in their health-consciousness and puts a few pounds on the waistline, it's pretty amazing how Cushing transformed from freak-of-nature superhuman physical specimen to a poster child for the fledgling man-bra industry.

Cushing's rapid muscle degradation and bizarre hormonal side-effects have caused many message-board types to make brash assumptions about his personal life, but I for one feel very strongly that there is no foundation for the character-defaming rumor that Cushing is pregnant. However, if he is, the House Rock Built is offering a $15 million reward for the first amateur paparazzo who can get an exclusive photograph of the genetically-gifted tot.

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