Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blogpoll: Best Friend Means I Pull The Trigger Edition

1 LSU --
2 Southern Cal --
3 California 1
4 Boston College 1
5 Wisconsin 3
6 South Florida 8
7 Ohio State 5
8 Oregon 2
9 Kentucky 4
10 Arizona State 8
11 South Carolina 4
12 Clemson 5
13 Georgia 3
14 Florida 11
15 Oklahoma 6
16 Purdue 8
17 West Virginia 7
18 Missouri 1
19 Cincinnati 1
20 Texas 9
21 Virginia 4
22 Hawaii 4
23 Florida State 3
24 Nebraska 1
25 UCLA 1
Dropped Out: Alabama (#19), Michigan State (#21), Rutgers (#22).
We celebrate bloodshed Saturday with a wholly-revamped ballot. I got a "wack balloting" mention for only dropping Clemson to #13 (they're #24 in the blogpoll). Eh. Maybe it's just residual man-crush for C.J. Spiller. Or maybe it's because I excessively punished the top five teams that lost this week and Clemson was the unwitting benefactor of this dumping (even though they had an embarassing loss of their own). Onwards!

  • Uh, you know, the chainsaws. I propose we change the blogpoll from a top 25 ballot to a top 2 ballot, because that's all that matters right now. Sure, both Southern Cal and LSU showed some cracks in the armor this weekend, but the season is still theirs to lose.

  • Um, a fucking grab-bag of ridiculous teams round out the top ten. Cal? Boston College? South Florida? Kentucky? Arizona State? Really? You can clearly see the steep dropoff that comes after the #2 spot. All of these teams are doing well and are undefeated, but I'm shocked and a little bit saddened that we have a glut of George Masons clogging up the top eschelon. We've got the second half of the season for the wheat to separate itself from the chaff here, and as we get deeper into conference play, it'll start to become apparent who here is for real and who is a pretender with some lucky bounces and good scheduling.

  • Oregon gets a very small slap on the wrist. When you take the #3 team in the country to the wire and lose on a catastrophic stroke of bad luck, I can't be too punishing in the rankings. Especially since the teams in their area (Florida, Oklahoma, Texas) dropped their games to inferior competition.

  • Sort of a grab bag at the bottom. Everything else is pretty interchangeable.

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