Wednesday, January 18, 2006

EDSBS goes hogging, Marco disappears

Well, there's not much going on in the football world, but theres plenty of steamy action in the world of college football blogs, because the news never takes a hangover-related sick day. First off, Orson Swindle over at Every Day Should Be Saturday made it official that they have the hots for larger-than-life sideline reporter Holly Rowe. Now the House Rock Built is above taking pot shots at anyone's personal appearance, plus it would be very hypocritical for me to make a crack about someone's physique, what with my gym membership card being destroyed in that horrible fire ten years ago and my daily whiskey-and-cupcake breakfasts and all. But sweetheart is a load. Admittedly, I did a fair share of slump-bustin' back in my day when my batting average dipped below the Mendoza line, but that was hogging with a purpose. EDSBS' pure-hearted agape makes me uncomfortable.

In other, possibly more urgent news, something horrible has happened to Marco over at the NDChooChoo. When we last left our intrepid hero, he was being "Re-Educated" by Karl Rove in a warehouse under the turnpike in New Jersey. Of course, that's just another day at the office for Marco, so ND Nation wasn't too paniced. However, it seems like the government has taken the next step towards erasing Marco's existence in a sweeping damnatio memoria. While we will miss Marco, we're not going to make a big deal about his disappearance, because we don't want to be next.

RIP, Marco. The horror.

Lastly, Kyle King has given birth to the bastard monster-child of the Brent Musberger drinking game with his College Football Gameday drinking game. The whole thing is worthwhile and will certainly leave all of our readers pissing drunk before the first headdress is donned by Lee Corso, but I'm quite partial to the "Lou Holtz Rule":
Rule No. 6: Lou Holtz. Anytime Lou Holtz mentions Notre Dame while discussing a game in which Notre Dame is not playing, everyone takes one drink. If he does it twice in the same segment, everyone takes two drinks, and so on until the end of the segment. If you try to speak and you find that you sound like Lou Holtz, stop drinking and have someone call you a cab.