Sunday, January 29, 2006

Nick Setta Update

Earlier this week, the Buffalo Bills acquired the House Rock Built's favorite all-purpose kicker/punter/video game champion Nick Setta and designated him for assignment in NFL Europe. From what I've gathred on NFL Europe's page, all kickers designated for action in NFLEL go through a tryout here in the states and earn their roster spot for their franchise. We wish Nick luck and hopefully he gets picked up by anyone but the dastardly Rhine Fire, those jagoffs.

Setta's certainly had a journeyman career up to this point, but it looks like he's making strides in impressing NFL scouts, and hopefully you'll be seeing him booting field goals in the big show, much like fellow NFL Europe alumni Adam Vinatieri and David Akers.

If anyone wants to see an impressive year of college football, check out Setta's stats from the 2000 season, his sophomore year. As you'd expect, he was solid on PAT's and field goals (including the heart-stopping wobbler that won the Purdue game as time expired, pictured above), but don't overlook his 47 yard punting average and his two touchdowns - one rush and one pass. During the early stages of the season, when the team was struggling to find an offensive identity, Setta was the go-to guy for scoring. I'm pretty sure that his career 640.00 passer rating has to be a Notre Dame record.

Career QB rating of 92.3, ergo one seventh the passer Nick Setta was.