Friday, February 10, 2006

The House Rock Built Swimsuit Issue

Well, it's February, and with the passing of Letter of Intent day and the Super Bowl, there's not a whole lot going on in the sports world for the next few weeks. While some sportswriters struggle to fill their columns with any material, others sit back and relax while their publication rolls out the Swimsuit Issue. The House Rock built proudly presents their first annual Swimsuit Issue in hopes that it will help our readers alleviate with their college football jones, if just for a brief moment.

The First Annual House Rock Built Swimsuit Issue!

Blue Plaid Maternity Swimsuit, by Japanese Weekend. $15.99

Women's 3MM Realm Shorty Wetsuit (B78). $129.00

Big & Tell Men's Spiderman Swim Trunks, currently unavailable.

Speedo Basic Brief Banana Hammock, $32.00

Whew! Hope you enjoyed this year's Swimsuit Issue! We'll be back next week with actual sports content.