Monday, March 13, 2006

Dink & Dunk: St. Patrick's Day

Well, some good news for Gator fans out there, as it looks like all charges have been dropped against Kenneth Tookes and Dee Webb for an incident last month involving an AR-15 Assault Rifle accidentally discharging in a Gainesville apartment. In our wisdom, we decided to lay off the criticism and derision of these lads for fear of seeming hypocritical in light of our own sketchy history with gun safety. But it looks like the cat's out of the bag now, so I guess we can all have a good laugh.

(click image for full comic)

Seriously, though, make sure you exercise proper gun safety. Shooting at imaginary leprechauns with an assault rifle while blackout-drunk is a big no-no. Responsible gun owners understand that the AR-15 is not a toy, and it should only be used for defending the Constitution from the New World Order and for hunting down the dangerous yet delicious Wild Capybara.

And just as a clarification, St. Patrick's Day is basically a month-long holiday in Chicago, but the heaviest-drinking day was Sunday, coinciding with the South Side Irish Parade and our foray into in-home firearms usage.