Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blue-Gold Game Coverage On Tap

Just to update everybody, The House Rock Built sent the entire journalistic staff out to the Blue-Gold game and Jimmy Clausen press conference. Right now, I'm wading through a huge pile of columns, quips, pictures, videos, retrospectives, cartoons, and, or course, a large stack of seriously shady expense reports (I'm looking at you, Irish Outsider. Trying to pass off your $300 "massage" as a sanctioned House Rock Built business expense. For shame.)

"$24.99 for Taboo board game.
Threw away the cards and used the buzzer to play a
drinking game at The House Rock Built's official tailgate.
Receipt enclosed."


Anyway, suffice to say, there's a lot of material coming down the pike, and I'm trying to whip everything into Internet-friendly shape for publication as quickly as possible. Hopefully, the coverage will be nothing short of infuriatingly exhaustive, which is our motto at the HRB.

Also, as a N.B., a reader from Hudson, Massachusets clicked over to the site this afternoon from Blue-Gray Sky and registered the 100,000th hit in the House Rock Built's brief history. While 100,000 views equates to one bad day over at, say, Pink is the New Blog, it's still something I'm, y'know, a bit proud of. Good for me. High fives all around.