Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Blue Gold Time!

Posting has been light (or nonexistant, if you will) as the editorial staff has been bogged down with preparation efforts for the Blue-Gold Game presented by Chick-fil-a. Between epoxying the leaky "black water" tank on the RV, training for the annual Chick-fil-a-sandwich-eating competition against Irish legends (Mike Golic appears to be the Ivan Drago-esque prohibitive favorite), and pulling all-nighters with Laura Quinn sewing together my half-blue, half-gold jerseys, there's hardly any time for anything else.

Where delicious sugar-infused chicken patties go to die.

At any rate, we're sparing no expense in making sure this outing is worthwhile, as it will be everyone's last taste of college football for a long time. You can expect a lengthy analysis shortly after the game, once the hangover and acrid taste of Linebacker Lounge Long Island Iced Teas subside. In the meantime, here's some stuff to get the juices flowing. First, a list of junior prospects who will be in attendance, courtesy of the Domer Domain message boards. While summer evaluation has not been completed yet and we don't have a handy-dandy comfort blanket of "star rankings" to accompany these recruits, rest assured that this is a very impressive group of youngsters who are making the trip to South Bend just like the rest of us, at their own expense. Personally, I'm most excited about the presence of Nic Pozderac, who has the ultimate trifecta for a perfect Notre Dame recruit:
  • A blue-chip pedigree
  • An incomprehensible Polish last name
  • And freaking wicked facial hair:

Fear the mustachioed athlete.

Also, for you junkies, here's a breakdown of the rules and roster, courtesy of the official ND site. Catch you savages in the Bend!