Friday, April 21, 2006

Shirt Safari: Notre Dame Edition

Well, the 06 The Shirt is out, and the preliminary results are pretty positive. Have a gander:

I've got to say, I'm hard-pressed to come up with anything snarky about it. It's a cool, understated design, and "Tradition" is a theme I'll hitch my wagon to any day. Of course, the curse of The Shirt still lives on. If you'll note, there is a picture of former Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne on the back, who some of you might remember died in a plane crash. Damn ye Gods of Officially-Licensed Merchandise!

You'll also notice former Irish coach Lou Holtz on the back, who has faced some very hard times recently by being forced to work side-by-side with Mark May and his anatomically-curious facial hair. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lou.

Anyone up for a mustache ride?

Let's hope Charlie can avoid the bugaboo and make it through the season plane-crash and asswipe-broadcaster-free. This is the day, and you are the team.