Friday, April 21, 2006

Who Wants Some Kielbasa?

We've got some hot steamin' sausage from the internet, as the rumor mills are churning out spiced stuffed pig-anuses (or is it ani?) at maximum capacity. Turns out a trusted source heard the mayor South Bend talking about overhearing someone whose cousin saw the Super Human Gentleman Warrior Prince Jimmy Clausen at 31 Flavors last night, who mentioned something about a possible meaningful announcement that might or might not occur at a press conference tomorrow at 8:30 AM.

Speculation is running rampant, reaching a full head of steam after a long winter of whispers and rumors surrounding a possible announcement at the Blue-Gold game. We're not going to get worked up about anything, but festering curiosity has ensured we'll be in the area around the time of the alleged hullaballoo, just in case. The House Rock Built will make an effort to stay on the cutting edge of this wild-assed rumor.

Update: Looks like the rumor ain't a rumor no more. Slainte! We're packing up the Road Queen for the trip to South Bend, but more updates will follow as things develop.