Thursday, July 06, 2006


Allright, readers, here's a quick lesson on how not to handle a depressing time in your football program's history. A Florida man pleaded guilty in federal court to an incident in 2004 where he called and harassed Tyrone Willingham, apparently while three sheets out of his gourd. On the whole, it's a pretty funny story, because hey, who among us hasn't thought about giving Willingham a piece of our minds in a drunken rage during his coaching tenure. By the grace of God we were ignorant of Tyrone's personal phone number in our darkest and drunkest hours.

However, the story takes a turn for the disgusting as it is revealed later in the article that there was a strong theme of racism in the caller's comments. Very, very, very uncool. As a result of taking a drunken prank too far, Mr. French will spend some time cooling his heels and working off a federal misdemeanor charge. Remember, flaming bag of dog poo = hysterical, flaming cross = despicable federal crime.

Just a sidebar, but the caller's name is Andy French, which happens to be the name of the hard-drinking protagonist from the cartoon Mission Hill. Anyone pick up that reference? No?