Friday, October 04, 2013

Stuffing the Passer - The McGrumpus Filibuster

Politics, politics, politics. That's all everyone's talking about these days. So let's put this to rest once and for all: whatever else your political beliefs are, I think we can all come together in a bipartisan fashion and agree that Juan Linz (RIP) has the coolest biography portrait ever. I mean, look at that, I couldn't look that cool if I spent two years at a Shaolin monastery eating raw eggs and practicing the ancient and forbidden arts of looking cool.

As for his thesis that the bicameral presidential democracy system in America is an untenable mess incapable of surviving an age of rigorously-enforced partisan polarization, well you're free to believe whatever you want. Just be careful what you say out loud, as his ghost might jump out of your computer monitor and put out his cigarette in your eye.

With that in mind, enjoy this week's puppet installment about the perils of dysfunctional legislative bodies. I'm not sure where we got the inspiration...

All of these young folk don't know their way around a finely bruised Manhattan if it bit them on their backsides.