Monday, July 31, 2006

Welcome Back

Well, the House is back in business after a somewhat-impromptu hiatus. I appreciate the concern that has been shown, and now I'm rested, refreshed, and partially sober and ready to get back down to business. Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering the final turn on this torturous offseason. 33 days from now, foot meets leather for the Irish, and it's about damn time. Since I'm still saddled with technical difficulties, I'll throw down a quick roadmap of how we're going to live through these next few weeks:

  • The HRB mainframe is still down. Something about ordering parts from China or whatnot. I'm hoping against hope that it will be ready in the next few days, but it's a game of wait-and-see at this point. Obviously, some of the more media-intensive projects depend on what transpires here.
  • I'm putting the finishing touches on the Andy French Cup, an interactive competition for all you readers out there. The technical details are still forthcoming, but essentially it will be a season-long competition to see who can make the most priceless abusive drunken phone call to a college football coach or personality.
  • I also will be compiling a preseason preview guide for ND's upcoming opponents by enlisting the help of some of my fellow bloggers. Hilarity will ensue.
So that's what you can look forward to in the month of August. God willing, the computer will be back soon and we can actually get down to business.


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