Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blogpoll Ballot Week 2

Mmmm... preseason scheduling
Voila, my week 2 blogpoll. You may notice that almost nothing has changed, and for good reason. The top 13 teams all won their games, and none of them had anything resembling a memorable performance. Many of the teams put a wholloping on candyasses, while others slugged out closer games against slightly better competition. I am in no mood to argue whether LSU's 40 point pasting of UL-Lafayette was more impressive Texas' shellacking of North Texas, and frankly there is no answer. Wailing on a candy cane is wailing on a candy cane, it doesn't impress me nor does it do anything to change my preseason placement of the team. Once some real football is played, I will be very stern in rapid reassessment of teams, but for week one, taking care of business is all you need to do to stay put.

Only four teams in my preseason top 25 lost this week. Cal, Utah, Miami, and my sarcastic pick of Duke. Miami and Florida State played to what can effectively be called a draw, so I stuck them both in the same middling are of the poll. Cal, Utah, and obviously Duke were badly outclassed and showed that they have no business being at the bottom end of my Top 25, which is not too surprising since I was mostly picking names out of a hat at that point. They're gone, and in come Tennessee, Florida State, and Penn State. UT and FSU because I suppose they had quality wins, and Penn State mostly out of hype. Their running game looked sad and pathetic against Akron, but their linebackers are mean and they like to fling the piggy. Eh, who the hell else is there to slot in?

I'm pretty confident with this as my final poll, but if you want to toss a comment, I have until midnight tomorrow (I think) to finalize it.

1 Auburn --
2 Ohio State --
3 Louisiana State --
4 Texas --
5 West Virginia --
6 Notre Dame --
7 Louisville --
8 Oklahoma --
9 Oregon --
10 Virginia Tech --
11 Florida --
12 Southern Cal --
13 Georgia --
14 Florida State 12
15 Texas Tech --
16 Iowa --
17 Miami (Florida) 3
18 Tennessee 8
19 Michigan --
20 Penn State 6
21 Arizona State 4
22 Navy --
23 Boise State 2
24 Clemson 1
25 Alabama 1

Dropped Out: Cal (#18), Utah (#20), Duke (#25).

UPDATE: Oh, right, I forgot I'm supposed to put which games I watched. Okay, games I saw a majority of: Michigan-Vandy, Penn State-Akron, Cal-Tennessee, Notre Dame-Georgia Tech, Georgia-Western Kentucky (why, dear God, why?), USC-Arkansas, Kentucky-Louisville, Miami-Florida State, Boston College-Central Michigan, Northwestern-Miami(OH), and probably some more I'm forgetting about right now. And I wonder why I can't get a date.

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