Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Morning Fact Checking

As is my Sunday night custom, I'm sitting down with a brew dog and watching my Tivo-ed College Football Final show, catching up on yesterday's college football action. So they show the Notre Dame highlights and then do a quick little piece on last-second Irish victories. After showing the Chicken Soup Bowl, they spotlight the legendary Snow Bowl against Penn State and erroneously say that it occured in November of 1982. Of course, every Irish fan remembers vividly where they were on that fateful day in November of 1992. If the MC Hammer haircuts on most of the players wasn't enough of an indication, maybe one of the guys in the studio could have chimed in and corrected the mistake. Like, for example, the guy who coached the game! Wake up, Lou!

I suppose it's an honest mistake, since neither Lou Holtz nor Joe Paterno aged a day between 1982 and 1992.


At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Judge said...

At the 'snowbowl' I was up behind the flag away from all the action. Southern wife was catching snow flakes on the end of her tongue oblivious to the score. What with weather and distance, I didn't understand what happened until I got home to watch the tape.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger Kilted Domer said...

I was pretty much right on the goal line but near the top of the old stadium on the east side... what a great freaking game.

At 1:15 PM, Anonymous mike marchand said...

I caught that, too. I thought it was just a slipup on Rece Davis' part, but I guess he was just reading what was printed for him.

You'd think the big dude in blue and gold wearing #6 would have been a dead giveaway.


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