Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm Back!

Just touched down here in Chicago after an awesome weekend in the Mile High city. A whole hell of a lot has happened while I've been off the radar, so I'm going to fight hard this week to catch up on all the action. Suffice to say, Notre Dame is back in the BCS title hunt after an amazing and unexpected slew of attrition in the top ten. Not sure if I'll be able to do updates on Tuesday, as I'll probably be catching up at the 9-to-5, but I've got the night booked to bring you some fresh content, a blogpoll ballot, and some words of wisdom as we approach this heart-stopping conclusion to, if I do say so myself, an awesome and incredibly memorable 2006 football season. I'll be up to speed on Wednesday, or, at the very latest, Lemsday (yeah, I read The Blind Side on the airplane). I missed you guys while I was gone!


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At 7:48 AM, Blogger IrishOutsider said...

Do not look directly at the Orgeron.

So, how much was bail?

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous GoIrish85 said...

If you need some material:

Did a little analysis of the relative Strength of Schedules for the top BCS teams. Using the 5 computer polls in the BCS that publish their SOS rankings, here are the results, as of today, averaging the 5:

Cal 14
USC 16
Fla 19
ND 20
MI 25
Lou 29
LSU 32
Tex 39
Ark 48
OSU 49
Wis 50
Rut 51
WV 56
WF 74
BSt 100

So when someone says 'they've played a weak schedule' give them the facts! Only Cal, USC & Fla are ahead of us. USC beats Cal, we take care of USC & Fla loses in the SEC championship games. And if that's Ark, they are so far behind us in SOS (wether or not the pundits, mark may, evil mansel, stewrat & the lot want to believe the facts) that even winning out they will be behind us.

All conferences have bad teams, avg teams & good teams. When non-conf opponents turn out to be worse than anticipated that hurts SOS. ND is unique as all their games are non-conf, but the run into the same thing as any conference team - some of their opponents are bad, avg & good.

These results were certainly surprising to me. I think the traditional conference power teams benefit from the thought that their conference schedule is tougher than it actually is. We are used to hearing names like Texas A&M, South Carolina, Florida State, Purdue. Reality & unbiased computer results indicate Arkansas & tOSU haven't had it so tough - amazing what 1 win over Texas will do for you. It'll be interesting to see how the undefeated & 1 loss teams rank on Dec 3rd.

Until then - above are the facts!

At 5:02 PM, Anonymous mike said...

im gonna go ahead and say that playing traditional powerhouse western carolina this weekend will drop UF's SoS. western carolina is a 1-AA school with 2 wins, against eastern kentucky (?) and chowan. maybe chowan is real, maybe not, but their athletic site claims they have yet to win a game this year and in their last futile attempt at victory were SHUT OUT 42-0 by Newport News Apprentice School. the Fightin' Apprenti belong to neither the NCAA nor the NAIA, and yes, it really is a school for apprenticeship. and they beat chowan. so next time you hear a UF fan, stranko montana, give nd beef about our schedule, start mentioning the catamounts from the beautiful state of west carolina, chowan, and apprenticeship. backing into a bowl by playing the academies? CHOWAN! JESUS CHRIST, WCU CAN ONLY BEAT CHOWAN!...


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