Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blogpoll: Driving our Hearse Through a Screaming Crowd Edition

1 Florida 2
2 LSU 2
3 Boise State 4
4 Southern Cal 2
5 Ohio State 4
6 Louisville 1
7 Michigan 5
8 Auburn --
9 Wisconsin 2
10 West Virginia 3
11 Oklahoma 2
12 Rutgers 5
13 Brigham Young 5
14 California 6
15 Texas 6
16 Notre Dame 6
17 Arkansas 5
18 Wake Forest 4
19 Oregon State 4
20 Hawaii 6
21 Penn State 5
22 Tennessee 7
23 Boston College 3
24 TCU 1
25 Virginia Tech 9
Dropped Out: Texas A&M (#19), Nebraska (#22), UCLA (#24).
Well, ladies and gentlemen, the House Rock Built is back.

I know, I know, I've left all of you hanging for far too long while I took an extended vacation from posting. Quite a few hilarious things have happened in the interim, and the House has been unable to jump in with its conventional snark. Between digging myself out of porn star snowstorms in Denver (don't know what those are? Oh, they're snowstorms that are measured in feet instead of inches) and writing love letter after (tragically unrequited) love letter to the USC Song Girls, I've been plum strapped. But I'm back now.

Allright, Blogpoll. There's a lot of moving and shaking here, which I was trying to avoid. I don't think a one-game exhibition a month after the end of the season should have a drastic influence on the overall judgment of a team's season, but at the same time, the bowl game marked the first challenging game many of these teams have played in a long time. As a result, there were some pretty wild swings as I re-evaluated what teams looked like after they stepped away from the fishbowl of their own conferences. That, and throwing darts randomly helped me fill out the bottom half. Onward!

  • Florida is #1. After thinking long and hard, I think this one is kind of obvious. Seriously, what is the deal with Tim Tebow. It says he's only 6'3", 217 pounds... so why does he run like he's nine feet tall and weighs three metric tons? He must have made some freaky deal with the devil that prevents anyone from ever tackling him. He's absolutely filthy. He's going to be a huge asset to the Gators in the future, and while we're on the subject of huge assets, look what I found on the internet...

  • Ohio State is Not #2. I know, I know. They only have one loss, and I just said earlier that I don't want to put too much stock in one postseason game, but at the end of the day, I just don't see them as the number two team. Think of it this way... had OSU lost to Florida during the regular season, would they have dropped one spot to #2? Definitely not. They would have had a steeper plunge, largely because their strength of schedule is less formidable than the other teams in the top five. So I bounced them down a bit more.

    Rough go of it for Troy Smith, too. The Heisman is turning into a MNC Game curse.

  • Boise, USC, LSU, Louisville... the usual suspects. Vengeful dominance in the BCS games really showed everyone who's the boss in football this year.

  • Michigan is ranked ahead of Wisconsin. I think this one is pretty obvious, although apparently the AP and Coaches aren't nearly on this wavelength. Okay, Michigan has 2 losses and Wisconsin has 1 loss. But look at the resumes of these conference bretheren. Both have a signature win over a team that is now languishing near the bottom of the top 20 (Arkansas and ND). After that, all of their wins are identical and by pretty similar margins. The Badgers don't have OSU on the schedule, and faced a world-class pantywaist OOC schedule. Oh, and Michigan beat Wisconsin. Convincingly.

  • After that, who cares? It's a pick em from there. Is Notre Dame #14 or #19? Answer: Who flipping cares?

So there you have it. Put another season in the books, ladies and gentlemen. It's been quite the roller coaster ride, and September is just around the corner.

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